Thursday, May 8, 2008


A couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity of sitting down with a man and talking with him about his life. Shortly into the conversation the man had said "I just want to feel something". It was an emotional moment... It was an emotional moment because he felt as if he was walking through life utterly alone, it was an emotional moment because he was searching for some meaning in his life and he couldn't find it, it was an emotional moment because I could see in his eyes he had lost hope in life and began to ask the question "If I'm not here for something, why should I go on in this world?" I sat there I listened to him, I cried with him. And then I put my hand on his shoulder and said three words "there is hope." And then I gave him a tissue to wipe his tears away and said five words "I know where hope is." And then I looked him in the eye and said six words "I can show you the Way." We spent some more time together and after a few more tears and tough moments he walked away with hope in his heart following the Way. Where do you find hope? This is the question that had been plaguing this man for so long. People are so interesting, more and more I watch people find and lose hope like they find and lose their car keys. The problem seems the foundation of their hope shifts like the ocean current. The key is finding a foundation of hope which doesn't shift, doesn't move, doesn't get lost. So let me ask you..."Where do you find hope?"