Friday, April 25, 2008


Do you ever think about the simple things in life? You know, like being outside on a sunny day while a cool breeze brushes across your face, or watching a lady bug crawl around on the ground and fly away. Somehow the simple things make sense, I can't explain why... The other day I was having a really rough time trying to get things done at work while gearing up for school, and I called home to check in with my family. It was then my wife began to tell me a story about my son, it was time for lunch and she looked over at the table and there he was holding a snail. He was being so delicate with it, watching it crawl so slowly on the table. When she asked him why he brought the snail in he said "he's hungry mama". I believe God has placed these things in the world around us and these simple things set us at ease. The remind us there is a bigger picture of the world, and we're a part of that picture. Simplicity. When is the last time you did something simple?