Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gardens & Souls

I've always been fascinated with gardens. Not the ones I grew as a kid of course, full of weeds and dying for lack of water. No no, the ones that are flourishing with life. The ones that have many types of vegetables, spices that produce an aromatic cloud that seems so thick you can touch it. These are the kinds of gardens I like and want to grow. I think I long to produce at least one good garden because it seems connected to my soul. Somehow there is a likeness between the gardens we plant in the ground and the gardens we plant in our souls. They both require preparation, careful planting, protection, water, maintenance, pruning and harvesting. If we unintentionally bump along not planting and not caring for the gardens we have influence over we will see no growth. If we intention to plant healthy gardens and follow through with the aspects necessary for growth, we will yield a great harvest that smells sweet (and spicy), is full of life and will be sustaining. What kind of garden are you planting?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Absolute Creativity

It had to be the coldest and darkest thing imaginable... Absolutely nothing as far as the eye can see... No light, no heat, no color... Yet, in an instant, something happened... It happened fast and slow at the same time... Somethings were colliding exploding splattering color onto the black canvas... Land forming... Water rushing... Wind howling... Life beginning... So many things to take in... We have to blink just to gaze again... It has become the warmest and brightest thing imaginable... When I consider humanities beginnings, its origins, I can't help but let creative part of my brain run as far and fast as it possibly can. Maybe thats the world I want to live in, one thats filled with wonder, creativity and something far greater than I can possibly imagine. What kind of world to you live in?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Desire to Know (Part 2)

Our desire to know can be all consuming. Perhaps British playwright Ben Jonson truly meant to warn us and not just entertain when he first penned "care will kill a cat" in 1599. The point drives the question. The point being we are far too consumed with knowledge we do not possess. The question then is "what motivates your desire to know?" Is it concern for others, fear, anger, jealousy etc.? The long and the short of it is that we should reconcile what we know about ourselves and temper our desire to know with the sober realities of our true self. Yet we are human. Humanity desires to push forward into something else, launch into the unknown or press the boundaries of the known world into the unknown. By nature we are discoverers. Something about us has shaped us in that way. Something within us beckons and pricks the creativity within. There is something within the fabric of our being that nudges us toward becoming, something, else.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Desire to Know (Part 1)

Many times I come across situations where I my utmost desire is to know what lurks around the corner. I’m not sure if this is a failure to trust people or if I have hidden insecurities deep in the recesses of my soul. It is in those times I seek to find an anchor or firm thing to hold on to. It is not a secret; fear nudges these emotions much like a mother bird nudges her nestling out of the nest. Fear lurks deep within us waiting for the opportunity to thrust variant feelings into our faces so as to create a smokescreen for itself throwing us off its trail. It amazes me to see how quickly my feelings convert from fear to control. It is almost as if I have left my desire for the knowledge of whatever situation left me feeling troubled and have given in to the impulse of control in order to assuage the fear of the unknown within me. What are we so afraid of? To embrace the unknown yields a far better return than to cling to the known gripped by fear. To be Continued…