Monday, July 18, 2011

The Desire to Know (Part 1)

Many times I come across situations where I my utmost desire is to know what lurks around the corner. I’m not sure if this is a failure to trust people or if I have hidden insecurities deep in the recesses of my soul. It is in those times I seek to find an anchor or firm thing to hold on to. It is not a secret; fear nudges these emotions much like a mother bird nudges her nestling out of the nest. Fear lurks deep within us waiting for the opportunity to thrust variant feelings into our faces so as to create a smokescreen for itself throwing us off its trail. It amazes me to see how quickly my feelings convert from fear to control. It is almost as if I have left my desire for the knowledge of whatever situation left me feeling troubled and have given in to the impulse of control in order to assuage the fear of the unknown within me. What are we so afraid of? To embrace the unknown yields a far better return than to cling to the known gripped by fear. To be Continued…

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