Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gardens & Souls

I've always been fascinated with gardens. Not the ones I grew as a kid of course, full of weeds and dying for lack of water. No no, the ones that are flourishing with life. The ones that have many types of vegetables, spices that produce an aromatic cloud that seems so thick you can touch it. These are the kinds of gardens I like and want to grow. I think I long to produce at least one good garden because it seems connected to my soul. Somehow there is a likeness between the gardens we plant in the ground and the gardens we plant in our souls. They both require preparation, careful planting, protection, water, maintenance, pruning and harvesting. If we unintentionally bump along not planting and not caring for the gardens we have influence over we will see no growth. If we intention to plant healthy gardens and follow through with the aspects necessary for growth, we will yield a great harvest that smells sweet (and spicy), is full of life and will be sustaining. What kind of garden are you planting?

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