Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Absolute Creativity

It had to be the coldest and darkest thing imaginable... Absolutely nothing as far as the eye can see... No light, no heat, no color... Yet, in an instant, something happened... It happened fast and slow at the same time... Somethings were colliding exploding splattering color onto the black canvas... Land forming... Water rushing... Wind howling... Life beginning... So many things to take in... We have to blink just to gaze again... It has become the warmest and brightest thing imaginable... When I consider humanities beginnings, its origins, I can't help but let creative part of my brain run as far and fast as it possibly can. Maybe thats the world I want to live in, one thats filled with wonder, creativity and something far greater than I can possibly imagine. What kind of world to you live in?

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