Monday, June 2, 2008

Catching The Wind

I was walking in Mexico today thinking about all the different things I had to do when I got back home. As I was nearing the border the cool wind blew across my face, and it felt good. It wasn’t a very strong wind, it wasn’t very special, it was just refreshing. It was an interesting moment for me as I was walking. I put my hands out so I could feel the wind and it began to fill my hands, and for a moment I thought I could actually hold it. Of course as soon as it came into my hands it blew right out. I know in my head a person can’t catch the wind but for a moment I felt as if I could. As I kept walking a observed a long line of people in Mexico waiting to get work permits for the United States, and I wondered what their dreams were, and if they’d achieve them or if they’d feel like they were trying to catch the wind. Then it hit me, some of us have dreams of doing something big and maybe getting beyond the boundaries in our minds, but those desires are always just out of reach so we feel as if we are trying to catch the wind. So how do we move beyond the different boundaries in our lives? There is something about the wind that is mystical and simple at the same time, its strong & soft, cold & hot, blistering & soothing, it comes and it goes and sometimes seems fleeting, yet when it brushes across your face or sits in the palms of your hands it is ever present. Are your dreams like the wind? If so how can you catch it? Something drives us to pursue the wind, to run in it, to try to embrace it, maybe one day we’ll be able to catch it.

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~JOSh-X said...

I hope to minister to Taiwan someday.

I hope to go back to school and learn more about the Bible, and worship leading, and video editing.

And some days these hopes and dreams do feel very fleeting, like chasing the wind. And sometimes, it feels like I have a solid grasp on them.

Miss you, bro!