Sunday, June 29, 2008

Human Touch

We live in a technological world filled with multiple methods of staying connected with people. These methods include, texting, email, and various other internet “friend” based websites. We have all these different methods of staying “connected” to each other and yet sometimes we are left with the inexplicable longing to physically touch someone. I recently took a trip to see my father in Berkley, Ca. I hadn’t seen my dad in a couple of years but maintained constant communication by phone. The first thing he did when he saw me was grab my face with both of his hands and kissed my head. After the plane ride home I was waiting for my ride and as I waited I watched different people embrace their loved ones as they came to pick them up. Human beings are wired for physical connection with each other. What is it inside our being that causes us to desire human touch? Do you think people would be happy living in a world devoid of physical connection? Do you get enough hugs and handshakes? No matter how many different ways we connect, we cannot escape the longing within our soul to physically connect to each other…maybe its time you reached out and touched someone.


Kelsee said...

Hey Assad I have been reading your blog from the the thought provoking questions you ask. The need for touch is something humans can not live without. Think of the babies who are healthy in everyway but fail to thrive because they were never touched or held, the results are devestating. Thanks for a good reminder, I will think about that as I go about my day today.
BTW Those are some cute kids :)

apologia3 said...

I subscribed to your blog and so when I picked up my phone this morning the little email alert icon thingy was displayed on my phone. I opened the email and it was your blog informing me it had been updated. I was like "Damn! Already! I just got off the phone with him like a few hours ago! This guy's fast! LOL!" I remembered that my father had a similar reaction a few days ago when I went over to visit. As I walked into the house my dad was eating dinner and as soon as he saw me he got up, walked over to me, shook my hand, gave me a hug, and said, "*t's so good to see you...thank you for coming's so good to see you..." and all the while he kept hugging me and shaking my hand. I couldn't remember the last time I was embraced like that by my father...but I liked it. I felt emotions I hadn't felt since I was a boy. All this to say, I agree with you. Despite what some may say and believe, within the very core of our being there is a deep longing to love, a deep longing to feel loved, and a deep longing to belong.

Eric Bryant said...

what a great reminder to hug more and wave less!