Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I’ve met many people who have the most incredible stories in the world. They come from all different places and backgrounds. They have rich ancestries. People are definitely interested in their ancestry as you can type the word “ancestry” in an Internet search engine and find about 153,000,000 results (in 0.22 seconds). I always find it fascinating to hear how they got here. I love the different nuisances to their lives and behavioral patterns. What’s most interesting is how they really are part of something bigger, something…else. I guess we all are. There is a distinctive reality to being connected to our ancestors. In my youth I connected the idea of ancestry to the limits and or opportunities in my life. That was immature thinking. Sure there are limits we all face in this world, some due to the certain realities everyone faces in the world and others as a result of our capacity or willingness. The truth is for every limit we have, so to an equal amount of opportunities exist as well. We just don’t see them. We don’t have to see the world that way. We can live in a new reality and find different ancestral connections that will inspire us. Who are you connected to? Whose shoulders have you stood on? Who has inspired you to dream bigger, farther and greater dreams?

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