Thursday, August 25, 2011

Will We Go Too Far?

I grew up watching the old school Sci-Fi movies like “Logan’s Run” and “The Time Machine” even “Mad Max” & “Blade Runner” are getting up there in age now.  What I remember most about them is how they present an idea of our future being something we rather not exit in.  They almost act as a warning to us living in the present to change our ways “or else” this will happen.  I often wonder if we (as the human race) will go to far.  Will we try and reach the heavens or clone ourselves?  I’m often not sure of the purpose of such actions.  I’m definitely someone who loves to push the envelope and dream bigger and higher than I have before but the question emerges “when will we have gone too far?”  I’m not sure the answer is as easily delineated as we would like to think.  I do know there will come a time where we will begin to push further than the natural, which will make it “un-natural” I guess.  Are you okay with living in a world that is un-natural?  It’s a hard question for me because I like some of the amazing technological advances we have witnessed, but some technology has a strange and frankly perverted effect on the human beings.  I was recently watching a TED talk that spoke on “The Demise of Guys” were the presenter communicated that boys brains are literally being reprogrammed (for the worse) by excessive internet interaction.  Something just doesn’t seem right about that.

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