Monday, August 29, 2011


Has anyone ever asked you to do something?  How did you respond?  Many times in my life I’ve been asked to do things.  I typically try to find the angle of the person asking me (which reveals a certain measure of skepticism on my part) then I try to get on board and help.  Sometimes those things are easy to do while in other circumstances doing those things is very difficult.  It can be difficult to have a request made of you on some level thereby having to trust someone with the next step in your life.  In those moments I wish I could see my life on a timeline (past, present & future) so I can know what the next “right” step is.  This way I don’t have to guess.  I used to get caught up in making the “right” decision and disregard the process.  It’s easy to do when you’re not concerned with it, though I’ve learned “the process” (or how you deal with things) is one of the most important parts of life.  Will you respond to situation in life with willingness or reservation?  Flexibility or rigidity?  Compassion or indifference?  How do you respond to what you encounter in life?

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